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The Mancuso Law Office makes it a point of pride to provide you with the very best personal legal representation. With over 30 years of legal courtroom experience, Anthony O. Mancuso, Attorney at Law, can assist and guide you through your legal needs including:
The police are everywhere and laws are very tough. Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso has tackled drunk driving cases all over the State of Ohio from Field Tests to Chemical Tests to Motions and Trials. Protect your rights, your license and your job by contacting the Mancuso Law Office. Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso has over 25 years of daily courtroom experience dealing with Judges, Prosecutors and Police and will actively and aggressively represent your drunk driving charges.
Drunk Driving
Being a Former Prosecutor , Judges Bailiff and having taught at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso gained valuable experience handling Criminal cases from all sides. After entering private practice Mr Mancuso has defended Criminal charges on a daily basis and has over 25 years of courtroom experience. From the point of arrest and throughout all your court hearings and trial, Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso will aggressively defend and protect your rights with Judges, Prosecutors and Police. The Mancuso Law Office will also assist you in expunging or sealing your record once your case is concluded.
Criminal Felony and
Misdemeanor Charges
Is someone violating your Consumer Rights?? Is there improper or inaccurate information on your credit report?? Are you a landlord needing to evict a tenant or collect damages they have caused?? Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso has litigated these types of cases since entering Private Practice in 1989 and has the necessary courtroom experience to represent your interests and present your claims.
Consumer Rights & Evictions
From Drunk Driving to Hit Skip, Driving Under Suspension to Speeding tickets or any other traffic violation, Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso has over 25 years of experience in dealing with Judges, Prosecutors and Police to handle your tickets. Protect your license, points and insurance rates by contacting the Mancuso Law Office to defend your Traffic Tickets.
Traffic Violations
Injured in an Auto Accident??. Not your fault??. The insurance companies are very difficult to deal with on your own. Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso can handle your claim right from the early stages with the Insurance Company all the way through the end to make sure you receive proper payment for all the medical bills, lost wages and compensation that you deserve.
Personal Injury and
Auto Accidents
Do you have a contract that needs enforced?? Do you have a Construction Project gone bad?? Has someone broken a contract that you need to pursue in the Court System ?? Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso has successfully handled these types of disputes on behalf of this clients throughout his 25+ year career. Contact the Mancuso Law Office for strong legal representation and to assist you with these tough problems.
Breach of Contract and Construction Defects
Having problems dealing with an Insurance Claim?? Are you involved in a dispute with an Insurance Company?? Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso has been dealing with Insurance Companies on a daily basis for over 25 years successfully resolving his client's claims. Whether your case involves an Auto Accident, Uninsured Driver, Auto Repair, Homeowners Claim, Theft and Damage Loss, or any insurance problem, the Mancuso Law Office will fight hard to maximize your financial recovery and protect your rights.
Insurance Claims
and Disputes
Need to sue or being sued, the Mancuso Law Office will represent your interests to the fullest extent of the law. With over 25 years of experience in filing and defending Civil Lawsuits on a daily basis, Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso will fight hard to protect your rights in Civil Lawsuits and Litigation, no matter how big or how small.
Civil Lawsuits
 and Litigation
Lemon Law and Auto Defects
Bought a car that's a Lemon??. Having problems with your vehicle or faulty repairs?? Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso will represent you in these tough matters and work hard to resolve your issues and protect all the legal rights and remedies you are entitled to by law.
With the tough economic times, business and individuals are not paying their obligations at an alarming rate. The Mancuso Law Office will aggressively seek to get your money. From Small Claims to Large Accounts, Collection lawsuits to Garnishments, Attachments and Liens. Attorney Anthony O. Mancuso has obtained Millions of Dollars in Judgments and Money Awards for his business, government and individual collection clients throughout his 25+ year legal career.
Account Collection and Money Due

Available by home and cell phone for all emergency situations.

We accept all major credit cards and payment plans are available to meet your needs as necessary.

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"Tony is an amazing lawyer. He has helped me through very tough times. He is compassionate and professional. He is the only lawyer that myself and my family use."


"Tony is a great attorney. He has provided my family and I with truly expert legal council over the years. Tony is a pro who cares, too. He really takes your case to heart. Can't say enough re. Mancuso Law."


"I endorse this lawyer. Iíve known Tony for nearly 20 years, and Iíve co-counseled with Tony on several litigation matters. He is thorough, competent, and he works hard for his clients. I would recommend Tony to any friend or family member in need of legal counsel."


"Well spoken, knowledgeable, and a kind person. The kind of attorney other attorneys should strive to be. Thanks, Tony"


"Tony has represented me about 3 times over the past 20 years, and I highly recommend him. He has a very reasonable price structure and is dependable and ethical."


"I've known Mr. Mancuso for a long time. He is "over qualified" in all areas of his general litigation practice. A very dedicated lawyer to all of his clients-he pays attention to the smallest detail. A lawyer who puts honesty and integrity to work with aggressiveness. He is a great listener and will always provide the best legal services to meet your legal needs. A true professional. Someone you want to have on your side."


"I have known Mr. Mancuso for well over twenty years both professionally and personally. He is one of the few attorneys who exhibit knowledge and professionalism. He is the same person today which I met many years ago. What carries him is his unwavering honesty......"


"On time and professional."


"I love working with Tony. He has more experience than any attorney I know and he's a great guy too"

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